Chelsfield Primary

Equal Opportunities Policy

  • At Chelsfield Primary School, we believe that people should be valued as individuals.
  • We promote a school ethos that supports and develops positive attitudes towards gender, age, ability, family background, culture and religion - thereby rejecting any form of negative discrimination.
  • We celebrate the endeavours and achievement of all of our children, providing praise, recognition and positive reinforcement of participation as well as success.
  • We do not tolerate any adverse treatment of individuals or groups on the basis of gender, age, culture, religion, origin or ability.
  • All parents and guardians, irrespective of ethnic origin, disability or

Socio-economic backgrounds are welcome and are encouraged to participate as fully as possible in the life of the school.

  • The school provides good physical access, being on a level site with no upper floors and is equipped with ramps and disabled facilities.


  • We are sensitive to, and provide for, cultural and religious requirements as a matter of course, e.g. dress, diet, events etc.


  • Opportunities to promote and extend the understanding of equal opportunities issues are included throughout the curriculum. This may be achieved through the planned curriculum, through class discussion, through discrete or integrated PSHEC Units of Work, SEAL or through acts of collective worship.
  • Learning materials and resources will portray gender, ethnicity, disability and age in as positive and non-stereotypical way as possible.


We aim:

  • to foster a positive self-image in each child;
  • to provide an environment which nurtures, respects and values the similarities and differences between one another and each individual’s valued and respected place within the school and the wider community;
  • to ensure that all children have appropriate access to the school curriculum;
  • to give all children an equal opportunity to realise their potential within a broad and balanced curriculum;
  • to provide support for any special educational, physical, emotional and behavioural needs, including the involvement of Borough or outside agencies as appropriate;
  • to ensure that all available resources are used to support the needs of individuals.

We are committed to maintaining an ethos in which children and adults feel able to report any incident of adverse discrimination, in the knowledge that it will be treated seriously and appropriately, with sensitivity.


We welcome the breadth and diversity of tradition, belief and culture amongst the families and staff connected with the school and seek to use this in a positive way. Chelsfield is opposed to racial discrimination in all its forms.

We are committed therefore, to:

  • promoting and understanding the principles and practices of racial equality and racial justice throughout the school;
  • identifying and removing practices and procedures that may result in direct or indirect racial discrimination;
  • providing fair access to resources and opportunities for all racial groups;
  • ethnically monitoring and evaluating the attainment of all pupils in order to address under-achievement where identified;
  • ethnically monitoring teacher recruitment and training procedures to ensure equal access and opportunity;
  • recording all racist incidents and reporting them to the appropriate officer at the LEA;
  • ensuring that racial equality is a central consideration in any review of policies and practices within the school.


Pupils are admitted to the school on the basis of the Admission Policy of Bromley LEA. Our admissions criteria does not permit gender, culture, race or origin to be used as a discriminatory factor.


  • Appointment and staffing procedures reflect non-discriminatory practice.
  • Appropriate opportunities for career development and INSET are provided for all staff, in line with the School Improvement Plan.


It is the responsibility of all staff and The Governing Body, to monitor the success of the Equal Opportunities Policy by ensuring that it’s guidelines and commitment to equal opportunities are followed and implemented.