Chelsfield Primary School

Modern Foreign Languages



At Chelsfield Primary, it is our hope that all our pupils will develop a genuine interest and curiosity about languages, finding them enjoyable and exciting and show a desire to continue

their language learning past Key Stage Two.  Learning a second language offers pupils the opportunity to explore relationships between language and identity, develop a deeper understanding of other cultures and the world around them with a better awareness of self, others and cultural differences.


Here at Chelsfield, we have chosen to teach French. The French curriculum at Chelsfield Primary School develops knowledge beyond the everyday experience of the children and inspires pupils to want to know more about the world in which they live. It provides them with the skills needed to be able to engage with the wider world.


Children develop their love of language learning and develop skills throughout their time in KS2 at Chelsfield. Our scheme of work, Language Angels, focuses on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, as well as making children aware of grammatical features of the French language. We follow the sequence of lessons from this scheme of work adapted to suit our pupils covering a wide variety of topics and themes. Previous language will be revised, recalled and consolidated whenever possible and appropriate. Performing is a key part of pupils’ French learning. The opportunities that we plan for this includes singing songs, drama /role play activities and performing rhymes  and poems. To provide children with an audience and purpose, and to make learning more memorable, we have various opportunities throughout the year to perform to parents / carers. Using 5 minute French lessons and using French in the everyday classroom for the register/birthdays/counting/classroom instructions throughout the week to supplement and practise learning will also be encouraged. KS1 will be introduced to MFL through these methods.


Through the high quality teaching of French taking place at Chelsfield, we will see the impact of the subject in the following ways:


  • Children will become aware that a language has a structure, and that the structure differs from one language to another.


  • Children will develop their language and communication through development of the four key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.


  • Children will enrich their language learning by developing an understanding of the Francophone culture around the world.


  • Children will learn how language skills can be applied to a range of languages (including their own).


  • Children will transfer to KS3 effectively and successfully and will be well prepared to continue and develop their language skills.