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Chelsfield Primary PE & Sports Premium Information

Funding for Primary School PE and Sports

The Government has dedicated an additional £150 million state funding per academic year towards all state primary sector education establishments. The fundamental aim of this grant aid is to enhance the provision and quality of Physical Education (PE) and Sport provided by primary schools. The funding is covered jointly by the Departments of Education, Health; Culture Media & Sport.

This funding is ‘ring fenced’ – this guarantees that it has to be entirely allotted to PE and Sport as well as initiatives that address developing active healthy lifestyles in either curricular or extra-curricular settings.

Purpose of funding

Schools are required to apportion their additional funding to improving their provision of PE and sport, although how they do decide to undertake this task remains their decision.

Chelsfield Primary is following the statutory guidance as provided by Department of Education and Ofsted. The school also works closely with Bromley Primary School Sports & Clubs Development Association (BPSSCDA) by way of enhancing subject leader management and staff knowledge and skills through their borough CPD programme. Furthermore, the school has committed itself to raising pupil participation levels within the field of competition through subscribing to the borough’s small schools’ competition package of events.


From September 2013, ultimate responsibility has rested with every primary school as to how they have decided to spend their additional ‘ring-fenced’ funding. Ofsted has pledged to strengthen the coverage of PE and sport, as can be read within the School Inspections Handbook and other accompanying guidance via:

Ofsted has stated that it will carry out a percentage of subject visit inspections per year to gauge the degree of impact and sustainability that this national  initiative has been able to achieve.

The Department of Education routinely publishes mandatory targets for all schools to comply to, with the inclusion that they will be required to publish online both spend and impact related to their allocation of PE & Sport Premium grant funding. This Government request serves the function of enabling the wider school community to monitor progress and compare results with other local schools.

PE and Sports Premium Chelsfield Annual reports can be accessed here